Thursday, July 8, 2010

Century Pines Resort

Star rating: ***
My rating: ***

In our latest visit to Cameron Highlands, we tried out another hotel which we never stayed before - Century Pines Resort. It's actually quite a new hotel, and as usual I would do a little research to see it's review and most said it's good and value for money so I go ahead to book it.

It was actually close to Chinese New Year but we travelled a day before to avoid the crowd, since the Chinese would be having their Big Dinner that night so we expect them to be at home. The trick works well so we had a very smooth drive and check-in.

The room is considered ok but even though we requested non-smoking room, we can still smell it in the room but I won't put the blame on the hotel but the illiterate people who stayed here before...grrrrrrrrrrrr
For dinner, we tried their steamboat and though the food itself is just ok level as we had other steamboats which tasted better, but having it out in the open air in a misty night really made a different...we really enjoyed the steamboat!

But we were wrong to expect a smooth breakfast the next day coz what a crowd it was! We couldn't even get a seat and the staff were so occupied that they couldn't help the other customers waiting in line outside the restaurant like us. I don't know when did these people came in but luckily we were already checking out that day so we had an early check out first and then went out for breakfast in town.

Even though we left early, we still stuck in the traffic as more and more people coming to Cameron. I did managed to stop buying my mom's fav plants - wild orchids. And I guess it's kinda spring here because we can also see wild orchids and other flowers blooming on the way.

So the hotel is located in Tanah Rata: