Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Golden Sands Resort

Star rating: ****
My rating: ****

Since my hubby is working in KL and only return to Penang weekly, we have very limited time to go for vacations even when we badly need one. So during one of the public holidays, we decided to try Golden Sands Resort. The reason - papa wanted to go somewhere nearby as time is very limited, mama wanted a nice and cosy place (hopefully quite too), Nisa wanted to go to the beach and also swim in the pool, and Idlan..well he can't say out what he wanted but I know we would need a baby-friendly place, so after doing a bit of a research, mama booked a room there.

Checking in takes so long, apart from they only have 1-2 counters, the tourists had lots of questions to the staffs. I really appreciate their courtsey, friendliness and politeness, but with 2 kids who are getting more and more impatient, I was steaming up with fury by the time I had my turn, but the staff seems to be familiar with the situation and they gave the biggest smile which you can't resist *grin*

Anyway, cutting this short, we got to our room and it's comfy enough :)
The resort also got a kids zone, some kind of a toys/games park. To enter you have to pay about RM20 (price may changed now) and the kids have to wear long sleeves shirt and pants and also socks so please don't forget to bring those or you'll have to buy them there. Nisa really enjoyed the park. Then she had a dip in the pool too...
Breakfast buffet here is not so bad, lots of varieties and some you may not see in other hotels/resorts, but there were too many people due to the public holidays so we couldn't really enjoy it.

Overall we are happy with our stay here and maybe will return here again one day :)