Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Passions of Kerala

My rating: Meet Expectation
Rating - Improvement Required, Below Expectation, Meet Expectation, Exceed Expectation, Outstanding

When my hubby first went to this restaurant with his boss, he was so excited to bring me here, as we both share the same interest - travelling and search for good food. This restaurant was featured in The Star before which you can read here. So Passions of Kerala is a banana leaf restaurant located in New World Park.

The main meal is of coz, rice and a few vegetable dishes which is called the Vegetarian Set which cost RM5.50 (price may changed). There's 2 types of rice, white rice and tomato rice, but we took the white rice. Next you can order the side dishes which can be lamb, chicken, seafood and vegetables cooked either in curry masala, black pepper, normal curry, sambal or fried. The first time we went there, we took crab masala, fried fish and I can't remember the other one :P My hubby chose Mango Lassi while I took Teh Tarik for drinks. I must admit, it's better to take the lassi coz it goes better with the spicy food *grin*

Anyway, we went there the 2nd time today and this time we took our little girl too. Again, we took the Vegetarian Set but this time with different dishes, and guess what? FISH HEAD CURRY! We also took 1 fried fish (bawal), small dish of chicken curry and small dish of lamb masala. Drinks - Mango Lassi of coz, I learnt my lesson :)

The Mango Lassi is good but not that yummy as we tried in Kassim Mustafa Restaurant in Little India. But the FISH HEAD CURRY is just SUPERB! MARVELOUS! MMMMMUUAHHH! The fish head is so big and fleshy that we were wondering what fish it was, and piping hot too! The rice is actually free flow so you can keep on asking them to add on, but for those on diet, all I can say is pity you! *Grin* Sorry we didn't take the photo os another dishes coz my girl was so hungry. But I must say, apart from the yummy fried fish which is crispy on the outside but fleshy on the inside, the other 2 dishes is considered so-so coz they are cold, maybe due to the air-conditioned hall??? But my girl loves the lamb masala so much!

So how mush does everything cost? RM70 and a few sen (I can't remember how many sen actually), with the fish head curry costing half of the whole price. Cheap huh? If you don't take the fish head curry, it may cost you less than RM40 so I take this as a good deal for good food *thumbs up*