Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Boulevard Hotel Midvalley

Star rating: ****
My rating: ******

One of the time when I visited my hubby in KL, we stayed here in Boulevard Hotel at Midvalley. It's actually part of Midvalley Mega Mall so it's very, very, VERY convenient for me, not only to dine but also satisfy my craves for shopping *grin* FYI, I was pregnant at the time so I have an excuse *grin*

We booked Executive Deluxe room coz we wanted to experience the Executive Club facilities, but when we arrived for check-in, the staff said there was a misunderstanding and our room was taken, but they'll replaced with another room and guess what? We were upgraded to Studio Suite! Of coz we were happy coz this room is more expensive...hihihi

So how does a Studio Suite looked like?
The room was superb! We really love it! The bathroom is so classy! Even Nisa was so excited with this hotel :D

We had llunch and dinner in Midvalley as we shopped. It's so convenient as we can return to our room to rest and let Nisa has her naps, then return to shop or dine again. On check-out day, somehow Nisa dropped her fav bunny soft toy and we only realized it when we reached Penang. I called the hotel in case their house-keeping staff found it and they said they'll look for it. They really took the pain to search for it and return my call on the same day that they couldn't find it, but will keep a look out. 3 days later, they called again to say they found the bunny under one of the chairs at the lobby instead of the room! Wow! I was so touched, nearly even cried coz Nisa loves the bunny so much, she never sleeps without it, in the staff took lots of extra effort in finding the worn out bunny!

So, papa went to fetch it at the hotel after work and by the end of the week, Nisa got her bunny back when papa returned to Penang. No word could describe the reunion of the little girl with her beloved friend, and I guess even Bunny is happy...


iEtaFAkyR@ said...

they really served u D. hihiihhi... so cute la bunny itewww...

Diana said...

hahaha...bunny dah hancurrrr...rasa terharu pulak diorg pulun cari bunny tu, mesti bila jumpa diorg pun rasa mcm napeeee la kena cari benda nih..hahaha