Thursday, July 8, 2010

Strawberry Moment

My rating: Exceed Expectation
Rating: Improvement Required, Below Expectation, Meet Expectation, Exceed Expectation, Outstanding

If you read thru my blog, you'll realize I travelled to Cameron Highlands frequently as this is my fav place to be. I actually even considered buying a property there for retirement! *Grin*

Anyway, during one of the trips, we discovered this cafe called Strawberry Moment, and they even have a website so please check it out for more details here

It's located in Brinchang, just behind Star Regency Hotel, very closed to Brinchang market, which is very convenient. Why? Well, we usually stroll along the market to buy the fresh veggies, flowers and also hawker foods and after all the shopping, it's great to sit down and relax while enjoying your tea or desserts here :) You won't miss the cafe's board:

So what's good to have here? Basically, everything! And really, everything looks and sounds yummy here, even if you are not a strawberry fan, and I guess strawberry fans would think they had died and gone to heaven here *grin* On the first visit, since we were not well prepared, I didn't take any photos but we had tea with their strawberry cheese cake and the special dessert made of sago.

In the next visit, we had these:
My hubby ordered the fresh strawberry juice and strawberry crepe but I just have my old sago dessert and tea. My girl had her fav home-made fresh strawberry ice-creams. The ice-cream is  tasted so different than those in the market so that's why we always return here. I must salute the cafe owner for her creativity in creating the sago dessert which is just out of this world! You have to try it to know why *wink wink*

So, if you ever go to Cameron Highlands, don't forget to drop by here and try the desserts yourself!