Friday, March 6, 2009

Colmar Tropicale

Star rating: ****
My Rating: ***

For my daughter's 1st birthday, we booked a room in Colmar Tropicale in Bukit Tinggi, despite some reviews saying it's a boring place. We called a photographer, in fact he was out wedding photographer (Rafi from Magic Clickers) for a whole day photo session and wanted him to make the album as our special gift to our child.
The beauty of the place is just mesmerizing. It reminded us of Disneyland, though a lot more smaller in scale, and minus the characters :) But for a photo shoot, it;s just perfect! The hotel room and things around us all looked like Disney's, which I think maybe Christmas time the place will look a lot more prettier.

I can't remember what type of room we booked, but I think it was a suite. The room had a bit of old log's smell, with creaking wooden floor which reminded us of most of Cameron Highland's hotels. The conflict here is the room and hotels tried to be a recollection of the past, the historical Europe or something, but they didn't quite do it fully which I was a little disappointed, but I guess that kind of thing is not do-able yet in Malaysia. Anyhow, like most reviews said, this is a boring place to stay unless you like sitting in your room and just walk around the area. Not much facilities and the F&B centers didn't even have credit card facility! Maybe they've improved now, I'm not sure, but that was a sure inconvinience since there's no ATM too to draw out cash. Do they expect people to carry bulks of cash around?

Overall, we enjoyed our 3D2N stay there and had a memorable vacation. There was a group of Philippinos singer who sang around the hotel area and they were friendly too. The hotel's staff we rated as ok :) The food - not much choice and if you want to eat out, it's so far away. The food at the restaurant we ate was quite tasteless and cost a fortune, but since we were on vacation, we just think "What the heck" :) So I think 3D2N is the longest you could ever stay here unless you are in for golf.
If they maintain the place well (quite unlikely for Malaysia), then maybe we'll come again for a short visit, just for the sake of taking photos with our kids.

For those travelling there, here's the location map: