Saturday, August 1, 2009

Penang Gurney Resort Hotel & Residence

Star rating: ****
My rating: ****

I first stayed in this hotel under my company's event which held a one-week bootcamp there. Since I was still breastfeeding at the time and my husband was also working in Penang with me, I took them all to stay with me. My husband needs to commute a bit far since the industrial area in on the other end of the island and the town area is in another end, but luckily the traffic was not as bad as we thought, so he didn't have much trouble. My daughter's babysitter is also in the industrial area, so every morning my husband will drop her off before work and pick her up after work =)
So back to the hotel, the staff are very polite and courteous, helpful enough when you ask them for anything, but when I talk to one of the chef, he said it's because my company has a reputation of complaining a lot, so that's why they were all so careful =D The only thing which I don't really in favor of this hotel is the lay-out, because they have different elevators to go to the residence rooms, hall/ballroom & parking and cafe. So during the bootcamp, we all keep having to turn here and there to get where we wanted =P

The room is a great satisfactory. The first time I stayed there for the bootcamp, we got the king-bed studio suite and the 2nd time when we went there for vacation, we got the twin-bed combined though we booked king-bed, but all rooms were fully booked due to school holiday. The bathroom is great! The bath-tub is a jacuzzi bath-tub and my daughter really loves it! Until now, even if we went to other hotels for vacation, she keeps expecting the bath-tub to have jacuzzi =D My husband loves this hotel because it's build for business stay with workstation so it's convenient for him.
Another thing my daughter loves is the kids pool. It has slides and sands and the shower mushrooms which really keeps her returning here during our stay. To me, this hotel is great for family vacation, apart from the facilities, it's close to the Gurney Plaza where you can shop & dine. You can also go to Feringgi at night for the night markets or even have a picnic at the public beaches in the day. In summary, it's strategically located to all convenience, so that's why my family loves it. The only thumb down for this hotel is the breakfast buffet which looks ok enough but tasteless. Their lunch was ok though. But all and all, I think we'll be returning here again maybe once a year for a short family vacation, since it's close to home and each of us found what we love best - my husband with the convenient to work while on vacation =P, my kids with the facilities and me with the shopping convenience =D