Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merlin Inn (now known as Cameron Highlands Resort)

Star rating: ***
My rating: *****
I think we were one of the lucky few who managed to stay here before Merlin Inn was changed to Cameron Highlands Resort, under the new management. We went for a night stay on the way to KL for a friend's wedding, and during the time, the hotel was already under construction for renovation. At the time, the room rate was very cheap, less than RM200 per night stay for a deluxe room, with breakfast and tea served. Most customers were Japanese tourists who seemed like regulars, and the place is like a golfer's heaven since the golf course is just in front of the hotel. With nice cool climate, and great cup of tea at your room's balcony with view of the golf course, it's a beautiful way to enjoy your evening after a golf game for the other customers or just a retreat from the hectic working world for us.
Since the changed of name and management, the hotel turned to be the most expensive one in Cameron Highlands. They still maintain the same outlook, but from the web I can see they've done great refurbishment for the rooms. Anyway, maybe it's worth to stay here if you really love golfing =) This is how it looks now with the new name as Cameron Highlands Resort...

The resort is located in Tanah Rata but I couldn't get the map. You won't miss it as it's just opposite the golf course! But be aware that the price shoot up since it's now a 5 star hotel..maybe more...


~iFsYudz~ said...

nak p cameron highland gaks....susume no hoteru wa?