Saturday, August 1, 2009

Penang Bayview Beach Resort

Star rating: ****
My rating: ****

My daughter had been bugging us to go to the beach so I search the web for one in Penang since it's nearby so we can gi for the weekend without feeling tired when we returned. I saw the review in Cuti-cuti Malaysia web that the hotel's breakfast buffet is great so we booked the Deluxe Sea-view room on one of the weekends. The hotel has very limited parking so you have to try your luck to get the nearest parking to the hotel, or end up parking a bit further. I was a few months pregnant so my husband will drop us first before he went around for parking and pick us up when we are going out. My daughter loves the hotel's entrance and impressed with the lobby, mainly I think because it's the biggest she had seen so far =D

The room is ok, though we booked non-smoking, it still has the smoking smell. The aircond has it's own mood, sometimes too cold and sometimes feels like nothing at all, but we think it's funny enough not to be offended =) The sea-view was not really a sea-view because our room was at the end of the corner, so all we could see were sand and some trees. The breakfast buffet was just as the review said, so many varieties and quite a good taste too! This hotel is the first time my daughter really eats, usually we have a hard time persuading her to eat out because she likes home-cooked food but here, she happily had her breakfast =)

The pool and facilities it's just ok, but to a 2 year old, anything with lots of water is good enough, so my daughter had a great time with her dad =D We then took her to the beach. Bear in mind the resort does not own the beach, so that's why they do not say much about the beach on the web. There are water and beach activity facilities outside the resort area but painfully expensive. Once you step out of the resort area to the beach, the people doing business there started to swarm over you so becareful to ask the price first before letting them take over you. I thought the horse riding was free or the most would cost below RM20 but a less than 10 minutes ride cost RM40!

All and all, I think this is an ok hotel for us to return to, if we want a hotel by the beach with great food.