Monday, December 29, 2008

The Lakehouse

Star rating: ****
My rating: *****

The lakehouse holds sweet memories for both of us, as this was the place we had our honeymoon, right after the wedding on Chirstmas of 2005. It's easy to forget where you actually were, as the place doesn't look Malaysian at all, and you are surrounded with people from all over the world. The staff were great and friendly, the foods were delicious and the room, which was the Honeymoon Suite is just outstanding!
I managed to secure the Honeymoon Package which was offered in their web just before the wedding, and when we reached the hotel, we met with another couple who were wed at the same day as us, but couldn't get the package, so we were very lucky =) The package consist of:

3 days 2 nights stays in Honeymoon Suite
1 candlelit dinner
Daily breakfast and afternoon tea
68 fresh roses

Their tea & scones were the best so far, even after we've tried Bala's. Yes, Bala's scones were actually much better, but their cream and jams were not so good, and the price was too high for just 2 scones =P Lakehouse's scones were ok, but they served with cream cheese and hand-made jams, so as overall, Lakehouse won the race =D Their dinner menu is also great, and you should try the chocolate pudding!

The room was really a jaw-dropping beauty, with four-posters kind-size bed, a facing fireplace and antique furnitures. You should see the bathroom which is I think the same size as the bedroom itself! The whole suite is considerably spotless, except for the hot-water bath-tub, or maybe I should call it the pool, which has some hairs of previous customers...a bit yucky but I think overall, that's the only flaw we could find here =) The bathroom has an eerie feeling, as if it is haunted, so we tried to avoid going there after midnight =) I can't remember is the pool has jacuzzi...
We will return here as my husband agreed to make this a yearly family treat, as this place is so special to both of us.

The resort is located in Ringlet which is a bit further from the town,which gives lots of privacy for those looking for seclusion or stress relief: