Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

I managed to stay here during one of my business trips. It was a last minute decision, I wanted to book Pyramid Tower Hotel instead (it's the same company) as it's cheaper but was fully booked, so I only managed to book the Studio Suite room. I read a lot of negative reviews on Sunway hotels' services and also heard first-hand experience from my very close colleague who had just stayed in the Pyramid Tower Hotel that it's not worth for the price, so I was very sceptical about how my stays would be, but I have no other choice since my conference is held at Sunway Convention Center which is within Sunway Pyramid itself, and as I'm also not familiar with the place, I just had to accept it.

My say? Maybe you should view the photos first...

Ok, enough said (or seen) on the room. We'll start with the services - yes, it's as bad as what I've read and heard. The reservation person who answered my phone wasn't friendly at all and when I was asking her how much this room and that room cost, she answered impatiently as if not welcoming customers. While I was weighing whether I wanted to stay at Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa or Pyramid Suites & Studios (since Pyramid Hotel was fully booked), she made an impatient 'hmmmmpphhhh' sound. the way she treated me as if I'm a homeless, jobless and penniless person asking to stay there, and if I have a better choice, I would have slammed the phone and stayed at another hotel, but this was the nearest to where I wanted to go so I just bite my tongue.

Upon arrival and checking-in, the reception person was ok but still, I don't know what's up with the staffs here, they don't really smile like other big hotels' people. But anyway, my hubby and I are very satisfed with our room, apart from there was a big cockroach in the bathroom *grin* I took the room without breakfast as my conference will have meals ready, but even so, since the hotel and convention center is in the same building as Sunway Pyramid - the shopping mall, food is never really a problem, though shopping is quite limited for my taste :P

I don't think I'll ever stay here again for leisure, maybe for business will be comfortable, though the internet usage is chargable - I don't understand why they can't just include it in the room rate so customers feel like it's free? Most hotels I went, even a rated 3 stars hotel have free wifi access :P


yang jauh di sana said...

kadang2 layanan tu lagi penting...tempat kalau selesa pon sevis cam hampeh....tak best saja rasa....

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